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Aviation Week is relaunching and expanding Aviation Week & Space Technology by:

Adding deeper technology focused content.

Increased audience from our leading high-quality monthly MRO and Defense brands, Overhaul & Maintenance and Defense Technology International.

Unrivaled Audience

Largest unduplicated, defined audience of A&D decision-makers across the globe.

More readers – up to 115,000 with both editions

Greatest Value with the Most Return

Unmatched reach and most attractive CPM.

More Focused

One media source for targeted vertical or broad-based A&D reach.

ONE Editorial Team

The best journalists in the business all focused on the enhanced AW&ST. For a complete list of our award-winning journalists, click here.

Two monthly select-distribution editions that drill down into growth sectors:

Aviation Week & Space Technology Defense Technology Edition focuses on broad-based defense technology (air, land, sea, space, security, integrated).

Aviation Week & Space Technology MRO Edition for the aftermarket operations community.

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